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Choosing to buy a rottweiler online can be a very daunting task with so many different companies to choose from. We provide detailed information that will help answer all of your questions. We work hard to provide you with clear and thorough communications throughout the entire process to select the right dog for your family.

We hope the information below will help you find answers to the questions you’ve been wanting to ask. If you don’t find the information you need, contact us for a personal consultation.

How Do I Go About Purchasing A Dog From You?2018-07-23T16:01:38+00:00

You must call or email us directly and be ready to put a deposit down on the dog, breeding or training. We also sign a PDF Form Contract to insure both the seller and buyer are on the same page. Our contact info can be found by clicking here on the contact us page

Can You Get The Tail Docked Of The Puppy I am Buying?2018-07-23T15:58:39+00:00
At What Age Can We Get Our Puppy?2018-07-23T15:54:15+00:00
What Countries Can You Ship Your Dogs Too?2018-07-23T15:53:00+00:00

We can ship our puppies and trained dogs by airplane or we can hand deliver to your home for an extra cost to all 50 States and Canada for $500 – $1500. If you choose to ship the puppy by air he will arrive to your nearest approved airport the same day he is put on the plane. We also have shipped dogs to other countries in South America, Europe, Asia and the United Kingdom over the last 10 years. The shipping to these countries usually costs around $1500 – $3000 USD on top of the price of the dog. We hire a separate company to do all of the shipping to other countries. The reason being is because it’s a very complicated process with the shipping regulations that should be left to the professionals. The only country we WON’T ship a dog to is Australia, because of the no rabies rule and they have a pitbull ban. You can get a dog anywhere in the world with our connections its just going to depend on if your willing to pay the extra shipping cost.

Do You Offer Refunds On Deposits?2018-07-22T14:11:17+00:00

NO we will never refund money for someone who puts a deposit down. If the puppy they reserved dies, gets sick, hurt or is not born or any other circumstance your deposit still will not be refunded it will be transferred to another breeding, puppy, trained dog or training of buyers choice. We want buyers that are 100% committed to us and especially our dogs and if that is not you than your not a right fit for one of our dogs.

frmkennels.com Located? Can we come in person and pick our dog up?2018-07-23T15:59:14+00:00
Do You Give Any Discount To Law Enforcement Or Military?2018-07-23T15:57:50+00:00
What Bloodlines Are Your Dogs?2018-07-23T15:53:48+00:00
If We Buy A Dog From FPM Will The Dog Come With Full Breeding Rights?2018-07-23T15:51:28+00:00

All of our dogs that you purchase from us will come with full breeding rights, and UKC paperwork to prove their bloodline. The only way your dog will not come with full breeding rights is if on the title of your contract says PET HOME. We believe here at FPM that if you buy the Ferrari of pitbulls you deserve full rights of ownership and to breed your dog if you choose to do so.

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?2018-07-17T18:20:00+00:00

Yes, all of our puppies will come with a puppy care package that includes: brochures, folders, coupons, pamphlets, health records and even how to take care of your puppy the first year.